What’s Happening


· Huge Seller’s Market—Be prepared to have competing offers.  Ft Collins went up 13% in value in 2015.    But you haven’t missed the boat.

· Rental Market getting top dollar.  If you have one you are doing well!

· Fort Collins appreciation one of the strongest in the country

· Get in Front of the inevitable—We are moving to a “customized economy”

· Mortgage Rates continue at 30-year lows w/ more pressure to go up than go down

· Movement East across I-25 for newer and custom homes w/ real mountain views

· Flight to Quality—homes w/ “real” with the use of natural materials like stone,

·        wood, granite.  Authentic—not plastic.

· Movement to smaller homes with more quality

· The obsession with square footage is over! —Reaction Against: ”So many houses, so big—with so little soul”

· Movement to Nature—seeking an escape from the business of the world.  Outdoor living rooms, real grass, water features, landscape design.




· Focus on your Lifestyle: Ask where is 80% of your time—Answer: in 20% of your house.  So emphasize on the important areas—like Kitchens & Family Rooms.

· Think in three dimensions not 2-dimensional floor plans.

· Design to nurture rather than impressWelcome rather than overwhelm.  —Don’t make your entry or foyer feel like the lobby of a public building.

· Remodel or Sell? Call me for a “Percent Recoverable” list.  If you are going to remodel—the Kitchen sells the house.

· Don’t design a room that only is comfortable with a crowd.

· Don’t confuse between what is interesting and what is comfortable.

· Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.  Something more resides in less.  More quality, less quantity.  More beauty, less bravado.

· Set your property apart from the crowd.

· Buy Value (price related to perceived quality) —not the lowest price.

· Don’t follow the media—they always magnify “downturns” and “loss”

· Especially don’t follow the “national media”  They average East & West Coast —and we are often opposite  e.g.  When they have low appreciation; we have a rise.



Call  or email me and I would be happy to do a market analysis on your home!


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